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    SERBIAN SAILING ASSOCIATION are pleased to invite all nations to take part in the




Which will be held in GOLUBAC, Serbia from 31st August to 06th September 2015.


1.                       Rules

1.1.                 The regatta will be governed by the Rules as defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS).

1.2.                 No National Authority prescriptions will apply.

1.3.                 No Class Rules change will apply.

1.4.                 The Official language of the championship will be English. All documents related to the Event shall be written only on English.

1.5.                 All Competitors, Coaches, Team Leaders and Representatives of National Teams at Opening and Closing Ceremony must wear the T-shirts provided by the Organizing Authority.


2.                     Advertising and bow numbers

2.1.                 Boats may be required to display bow numbers and advertising chosen and supplied by the Organizing Authority according to ISAF Regulation 20.

2.2.                 In accordance with ISAF Regulation 20.3.1, athletes on the boats ranking first, second and third in the series at the beginning of that day shall:

-     Wear yellow, blue and red bibs respectively while racing; and/or

-     Display dots on their sails in yellow, blue and red respectively while racing.

The bibs and/or dots will be provided by the Organizing Authority.


3.                       Eligibility and Entry

3.1.                 The regatta is open to: Optimist B+G; Laser 4.7 (open); Laser Radial W; Laser Standard (as per Minute of the Balkan Meeting 2014.) and to competitors who comply with ISAF Regulation 19 – (Eligibility).

3.2.                 Participating crews in the regatta shall be designated by their National Authority. Each crew member of a competing boat shall be national or ordinarily resident of the nation where the National Authority the crew intends to represent is established.

Boats shall comply with the Class Rules and have a valid measurement form. The sail number shall conform to the Class Rules.

3.3.                 The participation in the Balkan Championship is restricted (as indicated in Minute of the Balkan Meeting 2014.).

        Each member Nation is allowed to participate with:

               - 1 Team Leader

               - 5 Officials & Support personnel

               - 1 Judge (preferably IJ if they exist in the Member Nation)

               - 8 Optimist Boys

               - 4 Optimist Girls

               - 4 Laser  4,7 Boys

               - 2 Laser  4,7  Girls

               - 4 Laser  RDL Women

               - 4 Laser  STD Men

                Total : 33  persons.

         If a National team is not at its full composition then it implies a official and support for    

         every five competitors.


3.4.                 No entry fee will be requested.

3.5.                 Entry form within the quota and extra quota and the number of the officials shall be send by email to the Organizing Authority not later than 1st August 2015.

3.6.                 The Organizing Authority will cover the full accommodation and food costs of the participating Balkan countries team within the declared quota from 31st August to 6th September 2015.

3.7.                 Balkan Countries may participate with competitors and delegates not higher than the double indicated in the quota system. In that case the extra expenses shall be covered by their National Authority.

3.8.                 Nations outside of the Balkan Region will be allowed to participate with full accommodation and food covered by themselves.

3.9.                 Final entries (class, name, gender, date of birth) shall be made by email to the Organizing Authority by the relevant National Authority not later than 15th August 2015 and will be confirmed at the Race Office according with the program declared in the present Notice of Race.

3.10.             Coaches, Team Leaders and Representatives from participating nations shall be:

-       Register at the Regatta Office before the first racing day. They shall provide at the same the Regatta Office with their national flag (around 150 cm x 100 cm) and their national anthem on CD-ROM, for the Opening Ceremony.

4.                       Regatta Format

Each event will consist of a series up to 11 races. A minimum of 3 races shall be required to validate the Championship.


5.                       Schedule

5.1.                 Schedule of races:

·      Official arrival day: 31.08.2015.

·      Measurement Control/Final registration : 01.09.2015.

·      Practice race: 01.09.2015. at 13.00

·      Opening Ceremony: 01.09.2015. at 18.00

·      Races indicate date : 02.09.2015. at 11.00 - start of 1st race

·      Races indicate date: 03.09.2015. (times posted on NoB)

·      Races indicate date: 04.09.2015. (times posted on NoB)

·      Races indicate date: 05.09.2015. (times posted on NoB)

·      Closing and prize-giving ceremony: 05.09.2015.  at 19.00

·      Offical Departure day: 06.09.2015.

5.2.                 No warning signal will be given after 16.00 on the last day.

5.3.                 No more than three races shall be sailed each day.


6.                       Measurement and equipment inspection

6.1.                 Each boat shall produce a valid Measurement Certificate, including the completed Measurement Form, at the time of pre-race measurement inspections.

6.2.                 In accordance with RRS 78, competitors are responsible for maintaining their boat in accordance with the Class Rules (for the purpose of RRS 78, competitors are considered to be the owners).

6.3.                 Pre-race measurement inspection proceedings will be posted on the official notice board the day before the first day for these inspections, and made available to competitors, team leaders and coaches at the Race Office.

6.4.                 Equipment inspections at random during the regatta may be organized.


7.                       Sailing instructions

7.1.                 Sailing instructions will be available during registration at the Race Office. Other documents governing the event will be published with the Sailing Instructions.


8.                       Venue

The regatta site is located at:



Golubac, Serbia (44°39'0"N; 21°37'59"E)

Tel:        + 381 11 3346369

Fax:       + 381 11 3346282




9.                       The Courses

The Course types will be:

9.1.                 Olympic trapezoid course for L4.7, LRD and LAS Class

9.2.                   Standard Optimist course for OPT Class

9.3.                   Full described of the Course type state in SI.


10.                   Penalty system

10.1.             RRS Appendix P will apply.


11.                   International Jury

11.1.             An International Jury will be appointed in accordance with RRS 91(b). Its decisions will be final as provided in RRS 70.5.


12.                   Scoring

12.1.             The low point system of RRS Appendix A shall apply.

·      There will be 11 races in each class series.

·      At least 3 races are required to be completed to constitute the regatta series.

12.2.             Discards

·      When fewer than 5 races have been completed, a boat’s series score is the total of her race scores,

·      When 5 or more races have been completed, a boat’s series score is the total of her race scores excluding her worst score.

·      When 9 or more races have been completed, a boat’s series score is the total of her race scores excluding her two worst scores.


13.                   Support boats

13.1.             All support boats shall be registered (see 3.4) with the organizing authority and will be required to comply with local legislation and event support boat regulations. The organizing authority may refuse registrations and accept later registrations at their sole discretion.

13.2.             Registered support boats shall fly a flag with their three letters national code clearly displayed or shall be permanently marked with a sticker of their three letters national code on each side of the boat or engine. Each support boat shall also fly a numbered support boat pennant provided by the organizers indicating that the boat has been registered.

13.3.             Drivers of the support boats shall present a copy of their driving license or permit to the Race Office during registration.

13.4.             Registered support boats shall act as rescue boats in case of need.

13.5.             All support boats shall have third party liability insurance with a minimum cover of EUR 1,000,000 per event or equivalent. A certificate of such insurance shall be shown during registration.


14.                   Prizes and titles

14.1.             Prizes will be awarded to the first, second and third crews of each Event by the Organizer.

The first crew of the final official ranking list of the Balkan Championship will be declared:

·         Laser Class Men’s Balkan Champion.

·         Laser Radial Class Women’s Balkan Champion.

·         Laser 4.7 Class Boy’s Balkan Champion.

·         Laser 4,7 Class Girl’s Balkan Champion

·         Optimist Class Boy’s (competitor shall have been born in 2000 or later) Balkan Champion.

·         Optimist Class Girl’s (competitor shall have been born in 2000 or later) Balkan Champion.

·         Optimist Class Junior Boy’s (competitor shall have been born in 2003 or later) Balkan Champion.

·         Optimist Class Junior Girl’s (competitor shall have been born in 2003 or later) Balkan Champion.

14.2.             Medals will be awarded to the first, second and third crews of each event.


15.                   Disclaimer of liability

15.1.             Competitors participate in the regatta entirely at their own risk. See RRS 4, Decision to Race. The Organizing Authority and all parties involved in the regatta organization will not accept any liability for material damage or personal injury or death sustained in conjunction with or prior to, during, or after the regatta.


16.                   Media Rights, Cameras and Electronic Equipment

16.1.             By participating in the regatta competitors automatically grant to the International 470 Class Association and to the organizing authority and their sponsors, the right in perpetuity to make, use and show, from time to time at their discretion, any motion pictures and live, taped or filmed television and other reproductions of the athlete during the period of the competition without compensation.

16.2.             Boats may be required to carry cameras, sound equipment or positioning equipment as specified by the organizing authority.


17.                   Insurance

17.1.             Each participating boat shall be insured with valid third party liability insurance with a minimum cover of EUR 1.000.000 per event or equivalent. A certificate of such insurance shall be shown during registration. 



General Information


Support boats:

           Moorings at Sailing center Marina 

Accommodation & Travel:

           Accommodation  provided in around 20 km from Venue

           Information for individual Accommodation: Serbian Sailing Association office.

              Tel: + 381 11 3346369


           On attached map is shown how to reach to Venue (Golubac).

Weather and current:

           Racing areas will be on Danube river in front of Golubac (see Attachment 1)

           Average temp in time of racing is:

·         air: approximately 20-25 Celsius

·         water: approximately 20 Celsius

           Average wind speed: SE 5 – 25 kt or NW 5 – 20 kt

Other information:

           For further information, please contact Serbian Sailing Association office









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